Friday, March 26, 2010

book whore

OH MY... did she really just say that?!

yes, i did...

i'm in portland, oregon and i've been to powell's books not once, not twice, but 3 times, i have had to eat divine desserts in cafes that idaho falls has never seen the likes of, and of course, i've had to have the house cocktails* and actually have enjoyed being in the rain.

but why am i here--senza famiglia?!

i'm here for work... i know, poor me!! i've been working really hard too... having to sleep in a lovely hotel room since monday... have had to attend some thought provoking and educational conference sessions about telling people what to read as well as learning more about what is out there that is worth reading... had to visit with vendors and listen to their presentations, thus getting crazy-good swag... and sadly i'll have to lug home some of my very favorite swag in the world: advanced readers copies!

these are uncorrected proofs the publishers send to conferences and to lucky readers to drum up business for the authors. that's how i came into having "the girl who chased the moon"!!

but now, i've amassed 21 new books! yes, TWENTY-ONE NEW BOOKS! of, course i'll give some to my staff who covered for me while i was slaving away here in portland; some are gifts, but many are just for me... it even says so in the front cover--yeah, they are signed by the author too : )

where will i start? well, i'm still on the diana gabaldon journey with meghan... and i very rudely dropped the ball there--sorry meghan!! but after that...

the next effort by cornelia read, invisible boy
perhaps my first ivan doig book, work song

the thing is, after my haul... i started to feel a little guilty as well as a little nervous about all of the books! nervous, because i hope i can get them home without paying an arm and a leg... and guilty because, i'm just out here on a complete pleasure trip--yeah, it's work, but i have about the best job in the world and not only do i love reading for a living, but i love that i get to go on conference to become even better at reading for a living!

whore? maybe that's a bit strong... but it's far more attention grabbing than the typical librarian's tag: bibliophile...

happy reading, my friends!

*i highly recommend tom's sidecar at jake's famous crawfish... best cocktail i've had thus far!!!

BTW: i added a poll to the bottom... i'm on a fact finding mission to see if i'm a freak because of the way i shelve my personal books at home