Friday, April 3, 2009

i was wrong...

... i can see that now. i started dragonfly in amber by diana gabaldon, and i can now see why the publisher said the thing about claire leading a "double life." at the beginning of DinA, it's 1968 and she's with her daughter (!?) and her husband, frank randall, has recently died! so i read quickly, flipping pages in a panic... wondering...


i was so excited to pick this book up to be back with jamie... well, and, um, you know, claire, the history and stuff... but where is my kilted scotsman?! i'm withholding judgement until i'm further in the book--but if there is no jamie, hell will have to be paid!


when i got back to work this week---yes, arizona was great, warm and way too short!--there were a bunch of books on the hold shelf for me! it's kind of a feast of famine kind of thing... and now i have about 6 books in my queue. luckily, i have the kind of job where i'm expected to read. on the top of my stack is the new maeve binchy book, heart and soul. you know, i actually was chatted up by her at a book signing at the tattered cover book store in denver. let me preface this story by staying i'm not a name dropper, and i don't feel like she and i are BFFs. i was pregnant with ryan, and i was about last in the line to have my copy of tara road signed. she was very kind, and put a hand on my tummy and asked me about my family. then a sad look swept her face as she said something about what great jobs moms have. and of course, me being me and being pregnant, i started crying. and it's something that i hold very dear. so anyway, i'm going to be double-fisting, along with the text books, for the next few days... life is good!
happy reading!

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Alyce said...

It is so much fun to get your perspective on reading the Outlander books. I wish I could read them again for the first time!