Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oh, hello... have we met?

again, i apologize for my lapse in posting... because i know you all wait with held breath for my book thoughts, right?! maybe i should change my blog's title to
don't hold your breath!

i've been reading a bunch, even if i haven't been posting. first of all, i want to continue the last post because at first i was disappointed with how the help ended. i expected great earth-shattering changes for aibileen and minny and the rest of the help. and when the book ended, i didn't feel that. in my mind, i was thought, "really? that's it?"

but two months later, and after reading sit-in: how four friends stood up by sitting down with my guys... i had one of those slap yourself up-side the head moment!! the whole movement was based on the tiny and patient steps by people who saw that any gain is a gain--no matter the size. and what skeeter, aibileen and minny did was earth-shattering because it made people stop and think. so now i recommend the help whole-heartedly versus my eeh review in may. sometimes, I wonder about myself

and now, I’m slogging thru the girl with the dragon tattoo and so far my {previously mentioned} feeble brain isn’t as impressed as the rest of the world. what am i missing?

happy reading, my friends!


Alyce said...

I think sometimes the books that I like best in the long run are those that might not be my favorite at first, but stay with me over time. I loved The Help, but haven't read Stieg Larsson's books, and don't plan to. I think that they will have far more violence than I want to read right now.

Trish said...

I couldn't do this one either. I really really tried to like it, but 200 pages in I had to put it down. The writing was too . . . weird. I think maybe a lot was lost in the translation.