Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i hated that title...

if anyone has a brilliant title for my self-indulgent blog, leave me a comment. if i like your suggestion, i'll rename the blog and i'll send you a book as a boobie prize.

okay, so i'm about half way thru Testimony, and i have to be honest... it's kind of making me feel creepy. Anita Shreve is weaving this story around these basketball players at a private school who are caught on tape with a fourteen year old girl.

two things are bugging me:
  1. shreve is bringing everyone involved in the situation into the story--including the boys' moms. i can't imagine how they feel knowing their sons are involved with this kind of a thing. as a mom of little boys, i will always see them as naked babies running around fresh out of the tub... the last thing i ever want to see is them on a sex tape. i don't even want to face that reality. i'll live in that delusional world that my grandbabies were immaculate conceptions, like i was.
  2. shreve is writing this from all points of view, and i'm not sure who is to blame. on the onset, you know the girl is no angel, and is said to have had "prior practice" by the show of skill on the tape. but as i get to know the boys and the girl, and their families; my judgement is becoming blurred. thus, making this another book, i can't put down!

so while dave is away, in wyoming this time, i spend my nights wrapped up with the electric blanket and my books--unfortunately, not my text books!

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