Sunday, November 30, 2008

three in one...

what would you do if you received a cryptic note from God asking you to meet him in the shack where your youngest child was brutally murdered?  

and what if you went to the said shack, and met a large african-american woman, a small asian woman, and a middle eastern man dressed as a carpenter... 

and when you asked them, "which one of you is God?"  all three of them said in unison, "i am."

this is where i am in this book by william paul young.  he's not the narrator, but a outside friend to mack who has just met God.  the description of his first meeting of the three was one of those things that bring tears to the eyes and goosebumps all over. 

of course, i'm sure there are sticklers out there questioning the doctrine of the whole personified trinity, but i can't imagine anything would be better than being enveloped in a warm and welcoming hug from a big woman who will hold me when i hurt, knows all of my sins and still loves me without judgement... unconditionally.

to me that is God.

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