Sunday, June 14, 2009

the rush of the "hook-up"

by rachel cohn and david levithan made me all squishy with the memories of those times with that heady rush of emotion/lust* when you first meet the boy, and when the boy finally kisses you and you feel like you will implode if he stops kissing you...

but then your mind wanders into the mire of uncertainty and self-doubt... does he really like me, he's way too nice--he can't be trusted, what will i do if he doesn't call me tomorrow, or the next day, or the next...
why do we do that?!
or am i being too encompassing in thinking that this is a common thing, and this is just my deal!? i mean, now i do the same thing with grown-up women i meet and want to be friends with. i think things are going great, until i start rethinking all of my words and thoughts...
really? i said THAT?

i didn't see this movie before i read the book, but i wonder if a movie can do the book any justice whatsoever. the book is written with rachel cohn writing norah's thoughts and feelings and david levithan giving us insight to nick and what's going on in his head. i don't know how the movie could explain the rush of emotions driving these two together, apart and together all night in the club scene of manhattan. the feelings are raw, sweet and a little sad, but they are real feelings.

this book won the ALA Best Books for Young Adults 2007 and the ALA Quick Pick for Young Adult Reluctant Readers 2007. it reads super fast and is a full of music references. and if you're looking for a more "mature" yet no-less gut-wrenching book with lots of music in it, try love is a mixed tape by rob scheffield

off to bed with anita shreve's the last time they met...
happy reading!

(*remember what it was like to see jake ryan waiting on his red porche for molly ringwald at the end of sixteen candles... that goosebumpy feeling)

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