Thursday, June 11, 2009

then what?!

ok, this morning, i feel like corey feldman in stand by me when he says. "then what happened" at the end of the barf-o-rama story... and not because i do giggle at the most inane things like a pre-pubescent boy. but because upon finishing swapping lives, i want to know what happened next!

it's not because i can't see the value of an open-ended story, but because jane green wrote this story that you can't help to get meshed into! and so by the end, your emotionally tied to these women and are hoping that they do go on to better people because of the swap.

well, i don't feel that way completely... i didn't like amber. total social climber. i've witnessed the keeping up with the jones' east coast style personally, and those chicks kinda freak me out. but i did feel for her losing herself in mommy/wife-dom. and maybe her whole character was too close to real life for me... and that's why i loved vicki. single. londoner. great job. funny. what's there not to love and covet? and then there's bill-the chicken man with a sexy bum and hugh janas {say it out loud} both wooing for her attentions... oh, to be woo'd again... and by some guy with an english accent... hmm...

now that it's over, i want more...

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