Tuesday, June 30, 2009

shameless plug...

i have been reading other the book blogs in the world, and seeing that they kinda talk about the books, and what the books are about, and have this really nice review about the book... and then i looked here and saw that you all are privy to my deepest, darkest thoughts about what i'm reading! is it a blessing or a curse?! it could be why no one is sending me free books to review!!well, whatever, i'll let you chew on that... (as well as my obvious addiction to ellipsisesssss...)

anyway, about this shameless plug... do you know about NextReads? this is a very cool tool that libraries offer their patrons to help them decide what they want to... um... read next. it's a newsletter thingy that is sent to you via your email--but wait before you think SPAM... it only sends you lists of new and older books that INTEREST YOU!!! fabulous idea, right?! unfortunately, your library has to subscribe to the service... so get on your librarians and tell them this is a great thing and YOU WANT IT!! if you want to see a trial newsletter, let me know and i'll email you a link.

another very cool thing i just learned in library school (only 9 more semesters to go, in case you were wondering!) is randomhouse.com... yeah, these are the publisher/distributor people, but their website has a lot of great tools, like author alerts, book lists for almost everything you can think of and newsletters too! of course, i have signed up for a bunch of author alerts because i don't want my patrons to know about these before i do, because they get their name on the list and i have to WAIT! wait? no. i don't do that.

so here is my question: rosamunde pilcher is almost 86... do you think we'll see another book? in light of all of these deaths, i'm really hating mortality.

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